Our Farm

Our family-run farm was established in the 1960s starting with a small dairy farm, which we run until 2004, when we sold the dairy business and focused on wheat, soya and corn crop farming, which we continue to this day.

We also produce the following products according to the season:

  • From October to March we work on the production of cured meats and sausages.
  • During April and May we harvest white asparagus, a vegetable we started growing in 1996
  • In June and July we harvest peaches from our orchards, including the yellow-flesh, nectarine and donut varieties.

Part of our produce is prepared and preserved at specialist establishments for us, ensuring a high quality product which we then sell in our farm shop.

In our courtyard we also raise hens, chickens, geese and rabbits throughout the year. Most of the energy supplied for the operation of the company comes from our photovoltaic system.

Our farm is associated to Coldiretti, the Italian farmers association and takes part in the Campagna Amica farmers markets.

Farm Market

Campagna Amica markets from October to March, from 8.00 to 13.00
Monday: Gorizia
Tuesday: Gradisca
Wednesday: Monfalcone
Friday: Cormons
Saturday: Trieste, Campo San Giacomo

Donatella: +393293006954

Where we are


Agriturismo LIS ROSIS


Via Trieste , 15 - 34076 Medea (GO) - Friuli Venezia Giulia - Italy

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Phone: +39 3356810197 (Andrea) - +39 3293006954 (Donatella)

Agriturismo LIS ROSIS - Via Trieste , 15 - 34076 Medea (GO) - P.IVA 00404500316
info@lisrosis.it - Phone: +39 3356810197 (Andrea) - +39 3293006954 (Donatella)
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