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Cividale historical Lombard cities. Distance: 22 km

Cormons famous for being the birthplace of the sculptor Alfonso Canciani and for the production of wines. Distance: 6 km

Gradisca to visit: the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul, House Toscani, Loggia dei Mercanti, Palazzo Coassini. Distance: 7 km

Palmanova Starry city founded by the Republic of Venice in 1593 and decreed "National Monument" in 1960. Distance: 10 km

Il Collio area known for its excellent white wines. Distance: 15 km

Grado It is an important tourist center and spa. It was also called the "first Venice". Distance: 30 km

Aquileia founded in 181 BC as a Roman colony development considerable wealth and artistic life supported by the intensity of traffic and contacts. Distance: 20 km

Trieste is a crossroads of cultures and religions, a consequence of its geographical position "frontier" Distance: 40 km

Udine the capital of Friuli Distance: 25 km

Venezia the well-known lagoon city: 100 km


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